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K-12 School Resources

Online education resources that can be used by teachers, parents, students and others. 

Elementary School Resources

Students explore the choices they have with money, along with practical money management for personal and business purposes.

Middle/High School Resources

  • Take the Personality Quiz to discover your secret personality profile.

  • Visit My Career to discover different career options by interest and career paths.

  • Explore My Money to learn how to save for college, a car, plan a budget or even how to file a tax return.

  • Create pro resumes, cover letters and learn resume secrets and tips at My Resume.

  • My Business helps you start, build and run a business with Build My Business, Run My Business, Ideas & Inspiration and Pro Tools

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, Junior Achievement USA has released a new webpage on “How to Understand Economics in Today’s World” with practical application of concepts from JA Economics. The webpage includes video vignettes of business volunteers and allows users (teachers, parents, students, general public) opportunities to apply the learnings to their personal life.

Covid-19 Discussion Papers

Click on the hyperlinked titles to view the PDF.

Making Sense - Understanding the Financial Impact of COVID-19

A Guide to How COVID-19 is Affecting People and the Economy and What It All Means.

Making Sense - Work in the time of COVID-19

A Guide to How COVID-19 is Affecting Work and What Comes Next.

Making Sense - The Impact of COVID-19 on Business and Innovation.

A Guide to How Entrepreneurs and Businesses Are Responding to COVID-19.

Hear from JA volunteers as they provide insight into their career and the path they took to get where they are.  Activities are provided to accompany each speaker and get students thinking about the careers and to encourage additional research.

“The Arena” is an action-packed web series where teen entrepreneurs present their businesses to a group of coaches who are successful entrepreneurs, Olympians, professional athletes and celebrities. It’s not an idea pitch or pitch event; these teens already have a small business and are looking for advice and being able to showcase their businesses as examples for youth across the country. The coaches know what it’s like to be in the arena and will provide advice the young people will need to grow their skills and their venture.

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