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JA Our Nation provides practical information about the need for people who can meet the demands of the 21st century job market. Students will learn that businesses are actively seeking workers with skills in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM). They'll understand that people who have these STEM skills benefit from a growing number of opportunities in what are called high-growth, high-demand careers.

JA Our Nation introduces the concept of globalization of business and how that may affect the careers students choose to pursue. The program also stresses the need for students to be entrepreneurial in their thinking.

JA Our Nation is a series of five required sessions and one optional supplemental session recommended for students in fifth grade. Each session is 45 minutes in length. Materials are packaged in a self-contained kit that includes detailed session plans for the volunteer and materials for 32 students.

All JA programs are designed to support the skills and competencies identified by the Partnership for 21st Century Skills. JA programs also correlate to state standards in social studies, English, and mathematics, and to Common Core State Standards.

How Junior Achievement is helping students find STEM career paths.

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